Jin Machine is a modern family-owned enterprise, which contains two mechnical manufacturing companies, Jinguan and Jinyue. Jinguan was established in 2006, focusing on mechanical design; Jinyue was established in 2017, focusing on research and development of drying and central conveying. Through 13 years of experience and technical accumulation, Jin Machine now offers a single machine or a complete set of centralized feeding, compounding, recycling and drying systems. We have excellent machanical control, ultra-low energy consumption which is comparable to imported equipment. Besides, our fast after-sales response can let our customers get a superb service experience.
Jin Machine has persisted in manufacturing plastic recycling machinery for 13 years. Extracting natural power, leading the industry, driving the future, protecting the environment and creating world-class plastic processing plants for Jin Machine customers

PET Strap Line
PET Bottle Washing Line
Dehumidifying Dryer
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